We provide 2 comprehensive training programs tailored to increase your tennis skills and productivity and perfect your technique. Coaches will also assess the game of each individual at the start and provide personalised training aimed at working on weaknesses or strong points of each player.


Level I - for beginners


This program is designed for players with very little or no experience in tennis. This program aims to introduce beginners to the A,B,Cs of tennis viz Athleticism, Balance, and Coordination. It also aims to establish the foundation for a lifelong interest in tennis by making the training sessions fun and balanced.


Salient features of this program are

  • Introduction to the A,B,Cs of tennis ie Athleticism, Balance, and Coordination.
  • Players are drilled to send and recieve balls with hands and racquet
  • Racquet skills as well as different strokes of tennis are introduced
  • Consisent practice to improve forehand and backhand
  • Training on Move stop hit and recover mechanics of tennis


Level II - Advanced Tennis


This program is for students having prior exposure to tennis and having basic court movement and racquet skills. The training program aims to equip the players with the mental, physical and technical ability to become a truly world class player.

  • Perfecting stroke techniques
  • Perfecting tennis mechanics of shot , swing , backswing, follow-through etc
  • Advanced tennis footwork
  • Serving technique
  • Match Play Schemes and Tactics
  • Mental and physical fitness and nutrition follow up to give your best on-court




GBR Cultural Association,
Opposite Cineplanet
Brundavan Colony, Kompally
Hyderabad, Telengana 500014

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